My E-books

As this blog develops, I will list my e-books for the year 2015.  At this time, they are/will be available on,, and Barnes and  Smashwords has a number of partnerships with other ebook distributors, as well.  Check them out if you use them. accommodates any reading device, and is the primary publisher of my material.  The ebooks on Smashwords can be read online using their online readers, or they can be downloaded to other reading devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader or Barnes & Noble Nook, or to other ereading devices.  Check your library to see if they offer it, as well.

I write Young Adult fiction, Adult fiction, Mysteries, and Non-fiction.  Most of my works often are too short for regular, commercial publication, and I think ebooks are the future anyway.  40,00 words is pretty much my max; the usual length is about 25,000 words, which is why they are not expensive.  For now you can buy the following:

Young Adult:

The Cloud Riders    by   Kevin McGrane

Children of the Wind – a sequel to The Cloud Riders  by Kevin McGrane

Adult Fiction:

Martin Elling – a novella of a young man who discovers his vocation among the working poor.


Mr. Lincoln and the Case of the Murderous Irishman


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