About This Page

Kevin the Deacon

I am The Rev. Kevin McGrane, Sr., and I live on ten acres in the Missouri Ozarks with my lovely wife, “C”.  Our homestead sits on the top of a ridge where the wind blows constantly, hence the name Windy Hill.

I’ve retired from the business world to pursue my vocation as a deacon in the Episcopal Church.  By the grace of God and the consent of the people, I was ordained in The Episcopal Church on November 21st, 2014..

I also am pursuing my writing vocation: this weekly blog, and my e-books, which you can acccess on my “ebook” page found above on my menu banner.

A word about “Comments”: I look forward to comments, but any rude/crude one will not be accepted.  Any comment must first be approved before they appear.

Thank you for visiting and reading.  If you see what you like, please share this site with your friends.  Frankly, this is part of my vocation.  Expect changes and additions to this blog as time goes on.  Pax!


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