On the Birth of an Intentional Community

This week marks the birth of a new Christian community – the Community of St. Brigid.

The Community of St Brigid is a creation-based community of Jesus-followers who practice sustainability as a core Christian value.

Centered around community food gardening, the Community of St Brigid will embrace a Simple Church model of being an intentional community.

We will not own a sanctuary building; the garden is our sanctuary.

We will meet for worship around a picnic table, a barn, or someone’s home.

We will eat meals together once a week after worship.

Fellowship is our outreach: no “marketing”.

Sharing is our catechism: our faith is more caught than taught.

People are not pressed to join or decide anything – rather, after time, they will  “discover” they have become members.

We start with smaller circles of people and, as we grow, we will split to make two smaller circles. Then split again and again making certain the circles are always smaller and welcoming.

We don’t have a community Rule yet – we’ll see if that occurs and when. We hope it arises from the community, led by the Holy Spirit.

We hope to train up people who can start other circles and other garden-bases throughout the larger community, perhaps throughout the country.

All that is for later.

For now, we are focused on being an ancient expression of the Christian faith for the 21st century without the baggage of traditional Church life – the baggage that has turned off so many people in search of a faith community.


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