One Man’s Finest Hour

I have a friend who lost his job some months ago, and he has not found appropriate employment since. He is currently working as a clerk in a store, making near minimum wage.

Some would lament over this rough patch in his life, and think that he may have hit rock bottom. I say that this is his finest hour as a man.

He has gotten out of bed every morning to make breakfast for his wife and children, helping them off to work and school, maintaining a sense of normalcy and security during abnormal and insecure times.

He kept working the phone looking for job leads, sending out resumes, answering ads, and scouring for interviews in the face of a dour economy that Wall Street swears has recovered.

He accepted a job making a fraction of what he once made in order to help the family budget and make certain that his children saw him leaving the house every day to earn a living.

He could have rolled over and played dead due to his circumstances, or stuck his head inside a bottle of alcohol and hide there, but he did not. Rather, his family saw how a real man handles adversity – with determination, with resilience, with hope, with modesty, with a never-say-die spirit.

His children are learning how a real man and father conducts himself during trying times. His wife already knows the quality of man he is; that is why she married him.  My friend will get through this time in his life, but this is not the low point of his life like we might think it is – this is his finest hour, God bless him.


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