On the Eve of my Ordination – Two Thoughts

# 1: The Examination

Bishop: My brother, every Christian is called to follow Jesus Christ, serving God the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

God now calls you to a special ministry of servanthood directly under your bishop.  In the name of Jesus Christ, you are to serve all people, particularly the poor, the weak, the sick, and the lonely.

As a deacon in the Church, you are to study the Holy Scriptures, to seek nourishment from them, and to model your life upon them.  You are to make Christ and his redemptive love known, by your word and example, to those among whom you live, and work, and worship.

You are to interpret to the Church the needs, concerns, and hope of the world.  You are to assist the bishop and priests in public worship and in the ministration of God’s Word and Sacraments, and you are to carry out other duties assigned to you from time to time.

At all times, your life and teaching are to show Christ’s people that in serving the helpless they are serving Christ himself.

My brother, do you believe that you are truly called by God and his Church to the life and work of a deacon?

Answer: I believe I am so called.

Ordination: Deacon, 1979 Book of Common Prayer, Pg. 543

#2: A Revelation

In my new robe
this morning –
someone else.

-Basho, approx. 1667 C.E.


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