Stepping out of the Ozarks into the Universe: my new blog.

Hello!  I want to introduce you to my blog.  This is my first entry, and I will follow up later today with my first real post.  I just wanted to let folks know that I have created my own blog, and hope to post to it about once a week.  

I hope to post thoughts and reflections about things that I have been placing on Facebook, but they simply don’t belong there; I need a larger medium, and a blog is perfect.

As time goes on, I also hope to include a comments section, offer my books for sale, and link other bloggers who I enjoy and want to share with you.  

And I promise that any post of mine will not be any much longer than 750 words.  I often think that, if you can’t say something in under 1,000 words, you haven’t thought about it hard enough.

Thanks, and God bless!


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